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Trapper catches 2 large gators

Posted: Thursday July 14, 2011

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2 large gators captured at Kings Ferry

Posted: Thursday July 14, 2011

 “Trapper Jack” Douglas captured two alligators Tuesday night in the Ogeechee River near the Kings Ferry boat ramp and recreational area. Douglas said one alligator was 12 feet long, and the other was 9 feet. He also suspects there could be a third large alligator in the river. Douglas said he was alerted about the alligators by the Georgia Department of National Resources. “The DNR called and asked me to remove them,” said Douglas. “They were within 100 feet of the swimming area.” The alligators are currently being processed by the DNR, he said.

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'Billy the Exterminator' hunts alligators in Bryan County

Posted: Wednesday May 18, 2011

Camera crews and TV stars were not what Harvey Lashley expected when he called the Georgia DNR for help removing an
alligator from a fishing pond.

But that’s exactly what he got last Thursday when “Trapper” Jack Douglas showed up with two of the stars of the “Billy the
Exterminator” reality show.

With cameras rolling, they removed an alligator from the pond at J.F. Gregory Park where Richmond Hill is hosting a kid’s fishing tournament Saturday.

“We have the fishing derby coming up this weekend. Alligators during a kid’s fishing derby are just not acceptable,” said Lashley, Richmond Hill’s director of parks and recreation...

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Gator snared on Tybee Island

Posted: Wednesday May 18, 2011

Georgia Bulldog loyalists might be plentiful on Tybee, but the island's northern beach bore a striking - and frightful - resemblance to gator country earlier this week.

A 9-foot, 300-pound alligator reared its powerful snout and prowled menacingly just off Polk Street at daybreak Monday, apparently drawn by rain-drenched marshes and the tasty turtles they harbor.

City beach-cleanup crews had spotted the gator's unmistakable tracks a few days earlier, meaning "he'd been in and out of that beach all weekend long," said Joe Wilson, Tybee's public works manager.

Come Monday, when the workers went out for daily shifts, they encountered the hungry reptile lurking on the surf at the swimmer-heavy spot of shoreline...

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Savannah critter-catcher stalks gators in the garden of good and evil

Posted: Wednesday May 18, 2011

Two giant bleached skulls filled with sharp teeth peer from a shelf in the shed where Jack Douglas keeps cow lungs for bait. Inside his walk-in cooler, a scaly 8-foot carcass waits to be skinned.

For those who never see the cinderblock shacks of Douglas' work camp at the end of a dirt road, the hand-painted slogan on his Chevy pickup says it all: "Gator's Worst Nightmare."

Douglas, 56, is officially called a nuisance animal trapper, meaning he catches all manner of critters that wander from the wild into people's paths. He's snared a skunk in a bowling alley and captured a wild chicken at a hospital. But folks at Chatham County Animal Control know Douglas simply as the "Alligator Man." Eight to 10 times a week during the summer, his pager beeps with another gator-on-the-loose call.

He's been dispatched to capture alligators in people's driveways and on the runway at Savannah International Airport. He's caught them swimming in fishing ponds and napping in one of Savannah's downtown squares.

"It's exciting for me, being able to catch them and knowing how to handle something you know could really hurt you if you didn't handle it right," says the soft-spoken, stocky man who calls himself Trapper Jack...

Read the full article here.

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