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Alligator Hunts

  1. Offered during the GA alligator hunting season – typically the first week of September through the first few days of October.
  2. Over 21 years of experience as a nuisance alligator trapper in the state of GA. – captured over 5,000 alligators in coastal GA.
  3. Guided hunts offered for Zone 7 and 8. Zone 8 covers the areas of Chatham, Bryan and Effingham Counties. Zone 7 includes McIntosh County – Altamaha River area. Referrals for guide services can be provided for other alligator hunting zones upon request.
  4. All hunts occur during daylight hours.
    1. Hunts are safer during the day.
    2. Higher success ratio in daylight hours.
    3.  Better for video/still photography.
  5. Supplies that the hunter needs to bring along:
    1. GA alligator license and all tags/paperwork from the GA DNR
    2. Lunch for hunter and any additional persons accompanying the hunter
    3. Sunscreen, camera, lightweight rain jacket in case of rain
  6. Supplies  that will be provided by Trapper Jack:
    1. Guides, boats and all equipment needed for a successful hunt
    2. Soft drinks/water for the day
  7. 90% success ratio on hunts since the inception of the GA Annual Alligator hunt.
  8. Up to 4 persons, hunters/non-hunters, per boat
  9. No persons under 12 years of age allowed on the alligator hunt.


  1. $800.00 for 1st hunt day per hunter
  2. $500.00 per day per hunter for any additional hunt days needed over one day
  3. $100.00 per person per day for non-hunters
  4. $150.00 boat fee per day for transport of additional non-hunters in addition to the non-hunter’s daily fee.
  5. For an additional charge your alligator can be skinned for tanning, rug mount or full mount for you to provide to your taxidermist/tannery. Charges vary according to alligator size/type of mount – rates available on request. This fee includes packaging of alligator meat in bulk – light/dark meat and salting/scraping of hide.
  6. Skull or skin mount of the alligator head available at an additional charge. Fees vary according to size of alligator and type of mount. Fees available upon request.

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Ride-Along Nuisance Trapping

Ride along with Trapper Jack on a Nuisance Alligator Call or a day of Predator Trapping (Coyote, Bobcat, Fox, etc.).

  • Ride-Along on a Nuisance Alligator call available from May through September.
  • Ride-Along for Predator Trapping available from November through February.
  • All Ride-Alongs by appointment only.
  • Ride-Along may last from 1-8 hours.
  • Adventure may be in GA or SC.
  • Limit of 2 persons per trip.
  • Rates:  $100.00 per day per person.

Trapper Jack receives about 200 requests a year to remove nuisance alligators, of all sizes. Primary GA counties for alligator calls – Chatham and Bryan.

Predator Trapping may be in GA or SC dependent upon area that Trapper Jack is trapping in. 

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Predator Control and Nuisance Wildlife Trapping

Trapper Jack offers 45 years of experience in predator control and nuisance wildlife management. He is a licensed trapper in both Georgia and South Carolina. His years of experience and knowledge of animal behavior, along with his extensive resources and equipment, allow him to effectively trap many predators in a short period of time. Jack’s experience extends into predator control in large plantation settings – up to 46,000 acres. His trapping is done with the ultimate respect for the property and it’s operations. He observes all state/local trapping regulations/seasons.

Areas Trapped:

Will trap within 100 miles of Savannah, in GA or SC. He can trap small areas, up to very large plantations.

Animals Trapped:

Coyote, Beaver, Fox, Bobcat, Otter, Raccoon, Armadillo, wild hogs


Beaver Trapping

  1. Up to 20 miles from Savannah - $700 per week
  2. From 21 – 40 miles from Savannah - $850 per week
  3. From 41 – 100 miles from Savannah - $900 per week plus mileage

All other predators, the cost is dependent upon distance, the amount and type of game to be trapped. Trapper Jack will survey the area where the nuisance wildlife problem is occurring and will provide a quote for the cost and the amount of time required to resolve the problem.

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Buy Some Gator!!
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  • Aligator Meat Ready to Cook - $8.50/lb
  • Salted Gator Skins for Tanning - Call for price
  • Mounted Gator Heads - All sizes - Call for price
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